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Who I Am and What I Do

Christine uses the power of crystals to awaken your higher heart vibrational frequency. This  healing enables profound transformation and balance on all levels as you energetically resonate with higher universal energies.

Widely travelled, she loves to share her many spiritual experiences and wisdom learnt while spending time in the energies of Egypt ,Outback Australia, and working with the Shamen in Palenque Mexico.


Christine has been inspired to work with women and regularly conducts supportive workshops.

She also holds regular channelled meditation sessions and women’s retreats which create a powerful journey of self discovery, empowerment and sacred healing.

Christine is a licensed Meditation Facilitator and Certified Angel Intuitive with Advanced Training. As well as holding a Diploma in Crystal Therapy and Certification in Reiki and Seichem, Flower of Life and Color Therapy; she is also a qualified Level 3 Liquid Crystal Practitioner.

Christine is  a member of The International Institute of Complementary Therapists.

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